Annual Halloween Craft

Back in 2011 I got the bright idea that we should each have our own “craft pumpkin” that we would carve and then mark with our name and the year.
I’m a sucker for sentimental holiday decorations.

They’re very simple to make. Just get a foam pumpkin from your local craft store and I recently purchased a hot knife and it may have been the best $17 I’ve spent all week. I normally let the kids draw all over their pumpkins and then carve the pumpkins myself (the hot knife is ages 14 and up)
P.S. We always buy our pumpkins the first week of October because they’re normally half price.

That’s it! Super easy and surprisingly sentimental.





Perfect toasted pumpkin seeds

Perfect pumpkin seeds

Take all of your pumpkin seeds and thoroughly rinse off the “guts” (a strainer helps just to separate everything.
Then boil water (enough that the seeds float) and salt (I used Celtic grey sea salt). When it comes to a boil reduce temperature and simmer uncovered for 10 minutes

Grease cookie sheet (I used a spray olive oil) and pick out your spices. Kap chose black salt, garlic, parsley, basil and vegan Parmesan.

Put pan into your preheated 325 degree oven.
Wait ten minutes and then stir/shake pan to get those seeds moving then cook for another 8-12 minutes (sugar pumpkin seeds will be closer to 8, story book pumpkin seeds like half of ours were will take longer). I just cooked them until they looked dry. Probably not the best method to endure that they’re done but it works

There you have it! We’re currently munching on them now, even Cohan likes them! (accomplishment!)