40 days of gratitude day 32

•32 evenings filled with this. I’m grateful, eternally. ‪



40 days of gratitude day 31

•31 I’m grateful for moments like this.
A fine film of frost on every surface, nothing but the sound of a crackling fire and the wind and a warm hand and coffee to hold


40 days of gratitude day 30

Don’t worry I didn’t disappear on you guys OR forget to be grateful while I had non existent reception this weekend. However my •30 of ‪40 days of gratitude is being reception free.
It was so wonderful to just “be”. To wander and get a little turned around and be surrounded by some awesome people in a beautiful backdrop. Distraction free and comfortable silences. ‪‬


40 days of gratitude day 29

this morning I watched my oldest (the young man on the left) receive an award for making principals honor roll. I would have loved to post pictures from the ceremony but I wasn’t sitting in the best spot and quite frankly I love this picture of him.

Brayden is incredible.

My philosophy on parenting is “raise the kind of kid you would want to hang out and be friends with.” He continually validates that philosophy. He has a miraculous capacity for love, a freakishly brilliant mind and the ability to not just whistle but laugh through a graveyard (most of the time). To say I’m proud to call him my son is an understatement. To say that I’m merely grateful for his presence in my life would be an offense of the highest form.
I’m more than grateful. I’m thankful, appreciative and forever indebted that I was blessed with this soul to care for. ‪