Tattoo discrimination in my hometown: Follow up (not so much a rant this time)

First off, a personal comment from me:
My last post in response to the oppositions social media posts that cast the tattooed person in a not so great light. I spoke with someone that (I feel) was of the opposing stance, and they were unaware that things were being phrased that way. After hearing some of the opposition speak, I believe that, for the most part, they didn’t mean to come off the way they did in the posts on Facebook (which is unfortunate because it cast a lot of those opposed in a negative way, again, in my opinion). However, I do believe that some of the older generation might still need some persuading that we’re not all scary people. Which is ok.
Many people used they phrase “it’s normal to fear the unknown”. By the end of the meeting what was obvious is that EVERYONE there cares about our city and moving forward. That is our common ground and I am incredibly proud.

Now. Enough about my silly thoughts.

The outcome:

Last night the Planning Committee in Garden Grove listened to dozens of people in the community speak about how an art shop/ tattoo studio on Main Street would be beneficial, not only fiscally, but for injecting some of the current culture into the old and existing.
The meeting started at 7 pm (I was getting text updates from George who was there representing our family while I put the kids to bed) and one of the first texts I got is “wow. There are A LOT of people here”. In fact the council commented how it was the biggest turn out they had ever had. People stood lining the walls in the back. Myself included by the time I arrived a little before 9 o’clock.

It was fantastic. It was positive. It was respectful and it was full of the energy of people wanting what they feel is best for their community. If I try to explain the outcome I will completely botch it because I know next to nothing about zoning or conditional permits and the like. Instead Kurtis Gibson of Black Umbrella (the gentleman who wants to open the shop) had this to say on Facebook this morning:

“It is hard to fully realize how much I don’t have control of things. God has a goal for us on this street.
So we have to go back for another meeting next month. But the commission voted to deny staff’s recommendation of denial. So next meeting is to approve the limits on the conditional use permits. Because of Krystin Gibson and all of you! This happened.
‪#‎GardenGrove‬ sees what we can give it!
Thank you everyone who showed up, everyone who wanted to show up, everyone who posted and share and signed the petition. Every single one of you are awesome!”

Furthermore another supporter had posted this:

“*Update. The Planning Committee overturned the denial of the staff recommendation to deny us of our permit. We will have to go to a Conditional Use meeting for the permit, then the City Council for Final Approval (All Invited!). Let your voice be herd, it works! 50 speakers spoke last night. 6 of 6 unanimous voted for Black Umbrella Art Studio to be the Catalyst of Change on Main St. GG.”

I thought this post was so important because change requires follow through and responsibility. I’m excited for these positive changes to happen in our city and I want to thank everyone that came out and expressed their opinions, the commissioners that sat until 11 pm and to everyone who has taken the time to support this.

Near or far, your voices make a difference.

Thank you.





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