40 days of gratitude day 26

•26 I’m grateful for adventures that turn into even more of an adventure than you anticipated. Who knew that when we couldn’t find whales we would instead be laughing into the face of a turbulent sea. It was quite the experience 😊



40 days of gratitude day 25

•25 I’m grateful for these men that dropped what they were doing to keep me company on my walk to the grocery store. Their company and and laughter was sincerely a high point in my day


40 days of gratitude day 23

•23 I’m grateful for a job that I love. I’m grateful that I have a boss that let’s me listen to my audio books and music all day long. That I have a job that combines creativity with the daily humdrum I secretly crave despite my outward appearance. I am also grateful for the people that I’ve met working here that are incredible and awesome aaannndddd the few coworkers that challenge my patience and ability to ALWAYS turn the other cheek.

40 days of gratitude day 20

•20 (am I a day ahead?) I’m grateful for the hour of the day that we’re not cleaning, doing homework, reading, making dinner, bathing the pets or completing anything on our mile long to do list. That time of day that we get to do whatever we wish and just enjoy each other’s company 😊 I’m also grateful for twinkle lights 😍