“Don’t be silly you love trains.” Big Bear, Trains and Flesh Eating Cacti – part II

We took a lllooonnngggg time getting going on day 2. Star Trek was on and we were all lazing about enjoying our sprawling hotel stay.

Once we did get moving we were off to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. I have ALWAYS wanted to go but we are rarely ever out in the Perris area. This place is a must for anyone that either gets a kick out of trains, loves history, or has children (of any age) that are/were acquainted with Thomas the train or Polar Express. The whole of the place has such an old timey feel that I’ll have to let the pictures do most of the talking in this post. I’m also fearful of giving anyone who actually “knows” trains an anxiety attack by differentiating the engines by saying “the big steam one”.

We bought the family pass (which saved us $8 instead of buying a separate admission ticket for each of us) and wandered to the large storage building that holds a large collection of trains (some dating back to 1870). You can go through the building and read about the history of each great machine and even go into more than half of them (most still filled with the charming ads that graced their walls once upon a time). We then rode both of the trains that run on the main rail and depart every half hour. My face hurt from smiling as I watched how enchanted the kids were with being “in something so full of history” as Kap had put it.

There’s quite a lot to explore and we could have taken more time there but it was getting a bit warm (and we’re a bunch of wusses in the heat). So we headed back to the hotel with dinner and night swimming on the agenda.

For me the Orange Empire Railway was the highlight of the trip and would definitely go back. 20140221-100709.jpg20140221-100826.jpg20140221-100841.jpg20140221-100855.jpg20140221-100903.jpg20140221-100848.jpg20140221-100918.jpg20140221-100910.jpg20140221-100834.jpg20140221-100933.jpg20140221-100924.jpg


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