Saints be praised! An update on the Disneyland menu

In my last post

Being an unhappy Vegan at the happiest place on earth. | The Pollyanna Complex

I was all sorts of frustrated.

There is good news though! My friend told me about a burger at the Carnation Cafe (on the left side of Main Street before the candy shop) that is actually billed as “Vegan”. We set out to try it and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t a hockey puck type patty on a stale bun. It’s a black bean patty, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions and a chipotle vegan mayo. It was very good (I’ll admit a bit too spicy for my taste but considering I was calling a potato on a stick a “meal” when we were there Monday night I have absolutely no actual complaints). The burger and fries came to $11.99 and I recommend checking to see if reservations would help procure a table a bit quicker (we wandered around for about 20 minutes waiting for ours).
The other plus? The waitress was awesome! She warned us about the oil possibly being cross contaminated with dairy etc. I may have died and gone to heaven for a bit and the clouds were made out of Veganaise…

Also I am happy to report: the famous Dole Whip is 100% dairy free *swoon*




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