Being an unhappy Vegan at the happiest place on earth.

To start off, I’ve read a lot of negative press, tweets and Facebook posts etc about being vegan.
Id like to set some things straight. I promise I’ll get to the Disneyland portion after my “three things”.

#1 I don’t force a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle on my children. I look at it as I look at religion (which I have beliefs in). I give them the tools to understand and appreciate all walks and styles of life and let them decide what’s right for them. I know it sounds like hippy nonsense but if my daughter wants to grow up to be an animal rights advocate and my sons the next Ron Swansons’ so be it. They are children. Not puppets or dolls. They eat very healthy and I have to encourage them to make more healthy choices sometimes (“no you can’t have two cheeseburgers, one is more than plenty”.)

#2 I’m not wealthy. Some people are under the impression that if you’re vegan it’s because you can afford “that kind of food”. Not entirely true. I budget to be able to afford more fresh produce and often. I’m talking a TON. I should just own a farm.
I don’t care or look down on anyone that takes their kids to Mcdonalds (besides, did you see my comment above about cheeseburgers?). They’re your children, not mine. I know how busy life gets so keep soldiering on no matter how you do it sister. We’re all in this together.

#3 I don’t care if you’re not vegan.


I really don’t care.

I’m not going to preach at you or make you feel guilty for your dietary habits. It’s not my place to do so. I was a smoker for a llloooooonnnggg time (I quit 2 years ago and have not even had the occasional “social” cigarette. Hard core baby). It always amazed me what people felt they could say to me about my body. “Do you know what that’s doing to your insides?!”
Like I didn’t know? I knew.
Trust me, smokers see the same anti smoking ads everyone has seen. But it’s my body and at the time it wasn’t on my list of importance of vices to quit.

Bottom line: I’m a firm believer in “to each his own”


First off I LOVE Disneyland. I’ve had a pass more often than not since I was 5 years old. I even worked at Disneyland in guest services for a couple of years (I still point with two fingers and call people “guests”). So please know I’m not knocking Disneyland or those that consume meat, gluten cheese etc etc.
Please see above “I don’t care.”

In this particular post I hope to address two things. My low blood sugar fueled tweet from being unable to find a vegan option at Disneyland last night (I know, I know, not only first world problems but also very stereotypical California problems). Secondly I’m looking for legitimate tried and true vegan options that I may not know about (please comment below, any and all ideas welcome)!

As a vegetarian I never had any problem finding stuff to eat (and if you’ve seen my waistline you know that veganism isn’t hurting me either). Especially at Disneyland (can we shout vegetarian “Mickey soft pretzels” ladies and gentleman?! I miss those) but as a vegan I’ve had hummus. No joke. Hummus and apple chips and as of last night the vegetable skewer from the Bengal bbq in Adventureland.

Last night I had everything all worked out. I would get the vegetable gumbo in a bread bowl from the Royal Veranda at New Orleans square and then we would troop down to the Hungry Bear in Critter Country. Simple enough right?
So I waited in line at the gumbo place and something made me ask the gal if everything was vegan. She said “well I think the gumbo is but let me ask about the bread bowl.” The bread bowl was not. She did offer to give me the gumbo in a cup for the same price. A nice gesture but…yeah.

So with a cheerful face the kids and I walked down to the Hungry Bear, which was closed.
Ok. Let’s try plan B and C. Both of which I was told had vegan options. Turns out it was the same story at both. Vegetarian options yes, vegan no. So with a smile (I’ll admit plastered on) I got the kids settled in at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontier Land munching happily, waited for George to arrive and I struck out for the Bengal BBQ to get vegetable skewers. I wasn’t in the mood for vegetable skewers. Yes I’m aware that I’m ungrateful.
My blood sugar perilously low I took to social media to vent my frustration (when people have drinks or if they haven’t eaten they need to have their phones taken away).
A friend of mine informed me (via Facebook, linked to my twitter that there actually is a “Vegan burger” on Main Street at the Carnation cafe. Good to know for next time considering that all the other veggie burgers in the park are “vegetarian”. So…me, miss super positive, was a veiled sort of grumpy at the happiest place on earth feeling thoroughly chagrined with the knowledge that there are plenty of people across the world that would not only love to be at Disneyland on a Monday but would also love to have anything to eat at all.

Talk about perspective.

Secondly, after hearing my tale of “woe” I would like to know from everyone what YOUR favorite vegan places to dine are at Disneyland. I know there are some in CA Adventure but we only get over there about half as often as the original park.

Stay positive friends ❤️



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