Bouncing, hiking, bowling and cooking (a quiet life adventureday post)

So this post will be short and sweet. Our quiet life adventuredays are always a challenge for me to write about. While I find beauty, frivolity and joyful chaos in our everyday life it’s hard to tell others “no really, you can do the same! You don’t even have to go far!” we didn’t even venture outside of our county this last weekend.
It started at Sky High . Co had requested we go to “an indoor trampoline park” because he got an award at school. Truth be told. It’s pricey. Sky high is not where I wanted to go bbbuuutttt they had a groupon.



The manager on duty was awesome though and very helpful (cute younger guy with tattoos in his twenties, I provide the description because I didn’t catch his name). Some of our party had arrived late and he was more than accommodating.

The kids had a blast and when the lights went off for the cosmic bounce they were in heaven. There was only one injury and it was one of the adults in our group so (no offense) it was fine. We stayed for about two and a half hours, jumped on the massive trampolines, tried our luck at dunking basketballs and swung into the foam pit. I loved the foam pit. I felt gritty and disgusting after climbing out but I was laughing too hard to care much.
Note for you germaphobes: the requirement is that you have to jump without shoes or socks….I’m super earthy and I had a hard time with that. They do sell socks with grips though. I forked over the $10 for all of us to have some.
Also a note for you fitness buffs. I wore my HRM out of curiosity and I burned 930 calories in 140 minutes. Just keep up with the kids and you’ll get your butt whooped.





20140123-213307.jpg20140123-213332.jpg20140123-213349.jpg20140123-213341.jpg20140123-213320.jpgNext morning we went hiking at our favorite spot. Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Our friend Eboni met up with us and we went with my mom and dad and got about 4 miles in before the sun started killing us (“it was so chilly when we left the house!”). We come to this park often and the many different trails will offer you different views, sights and challenges. Expect to see horses, snakes, mountain bikers and fellow hikers. It’s not always busy but I recommend getting there early. More and more people have discovered my “fossil hunting” location from my grade school years but I try to forgive them.
You do have to pay for parking but it’s only a few dollars and it goes right back to the park. In other words a good cause.


Later that night. Bowling.
We go to Linbrook Bowling in Anaheim. My friend Melinda is in town from Maryland, my friend Misty came by and we discovered that Cohan is much better than any of us at bowling. We played three games and had an amazing time 🙂


The rest of the weekend we spent meal prepping. In other words pre making side dishes for our dinner meal times so I don’t spend a million years cooking after work during the week. On the menu was heirloom roasted tomatoes, asparagus, cauliflower rice, agave roasted Brussels sprouts and Italian kale. Kap helped me get everything chopped, prepped and into Tupperware while we watched the Rifftrax of wizard of oz.

It was such an amazing, simple, fun and memorable weekend.

                                                                                                           I adore the quiet life.



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