Happy 2014!

This year the little mice didn’t want to go anywhere for our celebration. No parties, no amusement parks, no mountain tops, they just wanted to be at home. The only addition was a couple of friends to round out our night of relaxation, laughter, games and togetherness.

Just like any of our other Quiet Life Days I tried to shoot for one thing each of us wanted to do and carry it out.

The night is pretty self explanatory through pictures (I’m still in bed to be honest so we can all tell how much effort I’m putting in currently).

I had some work to tie up at the office yesterday morning so I was after a nice long bath after I came home, tidied up, put dinner in the oven and made some vegan brownies for munching on. Oh and flannel. I got all dressed up LAST New Years so this year it wanted to ring it in cozy. A bit self indulgent? yes.

By the way the bath bomb pictured is from Lush, one of my very favorite stores that excels in compassionate practices and products. The brownies are from an organic mix I picked up at Mothers Market and we just made em vegan by using flaxseed.

•Kap wanted to craft it up, sip sparkling cider and be with her family.
•Co wanted to yell outside.
Seriously. That’s it, haha.
•Brayden played video games and got to play a little bit of Monopoly (I’m not sure why he was after that game in particular but it was either that or Cards Against Humanity and that’s not small people appropriate).

Our friend also messed with his Go Pro which makes for pretty entertaining pictures and videos. It would be great to get one for our hiking adventures. In the meantime I see many silly antics in the future with that bit of technology and the big kids haha

We had a great time, a lot of laughs, and enjoyed being together in one of our favorite places, home.

<br 20140101-085600.jpg














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