It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s not a huge surprise that we love Christmas. Or maybe more accurately my family likes Christmas and I in turn eat, sleep, breathe, hear and feel nothing but the holiday from Thanksgiving night till New Year’s Day.

Background: in the past we have always had a gloriously fake tree. In fact for the last maybe 9 years I had a white tree, white lights, silver tone ornaments and white garland. I was the mom that rearranged the ornaments after the kids “helped” and went to bed.
I know, I know….

this year is different.

This year we decided to change it up and I’m positively smitten.

It started with my friends “nightmare tree” and I have always wanted to go and walk through a forest of pine to choose a Christmas tree.
So this morning we piled into the car and with Christmas carols blaring we headed out to pick and “cut” our own Christmas tree. I say “cut” because actually chopping down your own tree is a liability at most places (which is fine with me. I’m one of those annoying people that think all of the trees have feelings and simultaneously want to take them all home and leave them all to grow 100 feet tall forever and ever). So someone else doing the dirty work while I get to tromp through acres of gorgeous smelling Monterey pine is fine with me.

I decided on Richfield Pines they seemed far less commercial than other “cut your own” locations (there’s only about three around here), were less expensive ($8 a foot if I recall) and family owned and operated.

Driving up we were immediately greeted with a big smile and given a run down of how everything works. At first glance I was a little disappointed because it didn’t look like the “get lost and find your tree experience”. Then the lovely gal that greeted us said “if you’re up for a little hike there are 6 acres to choose from as well”. Music to my ears! A small hike (it’s more of an uphill stroll for those concerned) and I get to experience that age old accomplishment of picking out my own tree!

Co was IMMEDIATELY enthralled. He must have said “it’s smells SO good!” at least 8 times. Kap kept getting wistfully teary and started picking the sour grass flowers and walking between the branches. Brayden was in charge of the measuring portion, a long pole with the feet marked clearly so you know what you’re getting into. For the hour it took to find our tree we were in heaven.

The trees vary in shape, size, fullness and greenery but they are all the same kind of tree, Monterey Pine. A fact I appreciated considering noble firs don’t exactly grow in California. If you buy a noble fir and it says “fresh cut” be aware it probably isn’t so fresh….

We ended up choosing a tree that we had seen in the VERY beginning but came back to. It has gorgeous shades of green with new and old growth, naturally misshapen and most importantly we all loved it.

Dustin cut it down for us, hauled it and tied it to our car and even helped us pick out some of the boughs they have available for free. He gave us pointers on ways to utilize them and was incredibly helpful and nice (a HUGE plus in my book).

We had the best time and left infinitely more in the holiday spirit and official converts to the cut Christmas tree as well as customers for life at Richfield.

We came home and decorated our tree enjoying the epic scents in our home and hung our DIY ornaments. Instructions for those will be in my next post.

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays as much as we are!







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