Quiet life holiday prep adventureday

Today was another of our quiet life adventuredays. This one focused around getting the house ready for Christmas.

We aren’t getting our tree till next weekend when the little mice are home but they got to help trim our halls today and our friend brought over her Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree that she didn’t have room for in her home this year, so by next weekend we’ll have TWO trees! Talk about a holiday festivity win.

The kids wrote their letters to Santa last night then we woke up to rain (a welcome sight in California) went outside to spin around for a bit (because that’s what we do) and decided to rouse the rest of the house.

Next on the list was a coffee run and game time. The kids played chess (they played checkers with me because I always thought chess was too pretentious, don’t worry I’ll learn someday) and took turns with plants vs. zombies on the computer…that’s a nice joyous theme right?

In the background we played some of our favorite holiday movies:
•Mixed Nuts
•A Christmas Story
•Simpsons Christmas collection (seriously)
•A Charlie Brown Christmas (I THINK that’s the proper name…it might be Merry Christmas Charlie Brown).

We decorated in between games, hung the garland, lights inside, arranged the nativity scenes and when our friend arrived started trimming what I’m so lovingly calling “the nightmare tree” sounds disturbing but it’s fun having a corner devoted to another of our favorite holiday films.

After the little mice left to visit their dad, Brayden invited his friends over and I had some of my favorite people over for some Dr. Who and World’s End viewing.

It was such a lovely day of laughing, creativity and quiet merriment. A wondeful start to the holiday season.







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