Quiet life adventuredays:

Sometimes our adventure days are spent at home.
If given the choice between Disneyland and home the little mice will choose home 90% of the time. It’s incredibly humbling but for someone that loves adventures

*cough me cough cough*

it’s always a goal (of mine) to make our “quiet life” (lazy) adventure days memorable and fulfilling.

I usually start by asking each of the kids “if we’re going to have a lazy day what’s one thing you’d like to do?” For Brayden it was video games, for Kapples it was making a pie (from scratch and “trimming the edges just like Snow White”) and Co wanted family board game time.

Kap and I made our pie, Apple and Cranberry (we experimented with doing an oil free, vegan version, it was really good but still needs some tweaking so the recipe will be posted another time). And we unearthed Brayden from the land of Xbox for a game of Life, Pirates of the Caribbean style. Quite the change from the little pink and blue people I remember.

We had a blast. Our lazy days are becoming a new favorite of mine.
Maybe the kids have the right idea: “there’s no place like home”




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