The ghost town that you can’t explore but has a surprisingly lovely (and easy) hike and the wonderful Mission trip that was spoiled by a wannabe Kardashian wedding.

For today’s adventure I wanted a Halloween type feel that had an whimsical, explorer vibe. Finding a ghost town seemed to be the perfect solution!

We’ve been to Calico and to Pioneer town so I suppose a part of me was expecting Mentryville (located outside Santa Clarita in the Santa Monica mountains) to be as open to explorers as those locations. $5 to park that accepts cash or check (they work on a drop envelope system) and you’re in.
I was aware that there are a lot of restorations going on (and good for them) HOWEVER: you can only walk up the steps of the school house, can’t go inside and only kinda peek at the large house behind the vehicle fence that takes up most of the area. *tries to hold back bummed sigh*

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t trust a bunch of hoodlums either but it’s during park hours for crying out loud and a caretaker or ranger of sorts lives on the property. *now I can sigh*
So we decided to hike and went on a quest for bathrooms. The roads are well maintained and paved and the vegetation is stunning. We were told there were bathrooms a mile up the trail by two very nice Armenian gentlemen. We arrived and were staggered by the smell, Kap was desperate though so we tried the door anyway. Locked.
It crossed my mind that maybe this particular area was part of the government shutdown?
Regardless, we handled it.

Moms if you don’t know how to relieve yourself in the wild you’re setting your daughter up for failure. Learn how and pass the education along. You’ll never know when she’ll need it.

We walked on and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery and the feeling of being surrounded by the hills. We took turns having races and were flushed and grinning as we headed back to indulge in the picnic I packed. I tried the abandoned schoolhouse door just to try, still locked. *double sigh*
All in all we had fun and I think I was the only one that had expectations so we got a 4 mile hike in and had some laughs

now on to the Mission!





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