Part II: The ghost town that you can’t explore but has a surprisingly lovely (and easy) hike and the wonderful Mission trip that was spoiled by a wannabe Kardashian wedding.

After we left Mentryville we headed to San Fernando Rey de España a mission that I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even know existed (apparently I forgot my state history from the 4th grade).
It’s free to park but it’s a $5 admission for adults and $3 for kids up to the age of 15. It is a VERY well preserved bit of history and the kids were awe struck at how real everything seemed and how it has been maintained. Walking through the Convento and into the Madonna room and through the workshops was incredible (albeit dusty).

We couldn’t wait to get to the church and into the gardens and cemetery where we could see bursts of color through the breezeway of the church doors….and stopped cold when a very sparkly short dress with very big hair and a lot of makeup walked out. Next to me I heard Kap say “I think it’s a Mexican wedding” I thought to myself “she looks more like a bad Kardashian” but the mariachi band warming up made me realize how Kap reached that assumption.
Darn it. We couldn’t go in the church. Darn it. It’s the only way into the garden.
Darn it I can’t be too cranky at these people because I’m sure it’s an epically beautiful spot to create a forever…

We resigned ourselves to coming back another time but still left feeling awed and impressed.
Another successful adventureday!





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